Getting started designing a live event

Step 1:

choose your topics

  • Use our course catalog to select from a range of topics.

  • Choose an individual course, or string several courses together into a monthly seminar series or a single/multi-day symposium.

Step 2:

how deep do you want to go?

  • Seminars provide an overview of a given topic, presented in a didactic format with time for questions, usually lasting one hour.

  • Workshops provide a hands-on interactive learning experience meant to impart more in-depth knowledge and skills, lasting 4-6 hours. Includes practical exercises, role-playing, analysis.

  • All courses available as either seminar or workshop, except where noted.

Step 3:

Choose a delivery format

  • All workshops and day long symposia are live events. 

  • Individual courses available as either live event or as a webinar.