Have you ever wanted to design your own precision medicine workshop?

Tired of the same old conferences where half of the topics don’t even interest you? You set the topics, location, and date. We bring the content and speakers. Always relevant. Always cutting edge.

All programs are customizable. Select from any topics in the catalog, or suggest your own. Check out the variety of options we have for our in-person events.

Step 1: Choose your topic(s) from our course catalog found in our brochure

Step 2: Decide how deep you want to go - high level large group seminars, small hands-on workshops, one-on-one tutoring

Step 3: Invite your colleagues - or keep it personal

Sample course topics

  • Essential precision medicine

  • Direct-to-consumer genetic testing

  • Genetic predisposition testing for cancer

  • Diagnostic sequencing in rare genetic diseases

  • Pharmacogenomics in practice

  • Tumor profiling in practice

  • Mastering variant interpretation

  • and more…

Why choose Precision Medicine Advisors?

  • We are experts in the field of precision medicine, with a strong knowledge base of genomics and our fingers on the pulse of the rapidly evolving genetic testing industry.

  • We have developed our content to address the areas of genetic testing most relevant to health care providers today.

  • Our style has been refined to appeal to busy professionals who want evidence-based, essential information, resources and skills without a lot of extra.

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