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Serving an unmet need in the health care field 

We are a group of academics who provide customized educational programs around genomic and precision medicine to health care providers, academic institutions, industry, and other stakeholders.

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Precision Medicine In Practice

March 16th 2019, La Jolla, CA

This event offers a hands-on interactive workshop for healthcare providers who want to learn how to implement precision medicine in their practice. This workshop is held in conjunction with the Scripps Future of Individualized Medicine Conference, where leaders from academia, industry, and science and medical journalism speak on the most recent innovations and trends in precision medicine.

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These courses are crafted to meet the needs of busy professionals who want to learn the basics of precision medicine or gain practical skills for implementing precision medicine into practice.

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Essential Precision Medicine

This FREE online series is suitable for a lay audience with little to no background in genomics. Improve your genomic literacy and explore the breadth of applications of genomics in the clinic today.

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Pharmacogenomics in Practice

Developed to teach health care providers how to use genetic testing to optimize drug dose or reduce side effects and improve efficacy of prescription medications.


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Our workshops and live events are hands-on and interactive and closely track the rapidly evolving field of genomic and precision medicine.


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Current topics in Precision Medicine


Pharmacogenomic testing can help reduce severe adverse events and improve efficacy of prescription drugs.

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More and more genetic tests are being marketed directly to consumers. Explore the DTC genetic testing landscape.

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Understand how hereditary cancer genetic testing offers an opportunity for prevention and tailored treatments.

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The Precision Medicine Podcast: Episode 7

Championing Precision Medicine Education for the Masses – Meet the Genome Educator. This podcast hits on the importance of educating everyone involved in precision medicine—including healthcare providers, payers, and even patients—about its day-to-day applications.


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Precision Medicine in Practice

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