Did you know that a patient’s genetic background can impact how they respond to a drug?

Genetic tests for drug response are widely available, economical and relevant to nearly every patient.

Knowing a patient’s pharmacogenomic profile can inform the choice of a drug or the drug’s dose. The result: safer and more effective therapies.

Why is pharmacogenomics important?

why is pharmacogenomics important?

Dr. Romero has a patient who has a history of fainting after taking codeine-containing medicines. Before writing a prescription for codeine, Dr. Romero hesitates and wonders if his patient might react badly again. He becomes uncomfortable when his patient suggests that maybe it’s genetic and inquires about available genetic testing. Dr. Romero had very little genetics in medical school. He instinctively looks for professional guidelines on genetic testing for codeine and sees that genetic testing is recommended.

A Google search for codeine genetic tests reveals several labs offering testing for a number of drugs, but which test should he choose? Dr. Romero is left frustrated. His patient says he is going to get his testing done through 23andMe. This buys Dr. Romero some time to learn about pharmacogenomics.

Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you’re wondering if testing may benefit your patients, but you’re not sure what pharmacogenomic tests are available, how to choose a testing lab, how to interpret a test report or how to talk to your patients about it.

Join Dr. Jeanette McCarthy, a genome scientist and leading educator in the field of precision medicine, to learn how to implement pharmacogenomic testing in your practice.

Learn about pharmacogenomics

If you are interested in learning about pharmacogenomics, check out our online course, Pharmacogenomics in Practice. Dive into how to use genetic testing and answer the following questions:

You also have the option to attend our unique event that offers a hands-on interactive workshop. Join us and walk away with the confidence to begin offering pharmacogenomic testing to your patients!

Pharmacogenomics Resources  

Looking for a lab? Want to review sample test reports? Need literature to give to your patients? Want to know what tests are covered by insurance? Access our curated resources to get the following information:

  • Available PGx tests, guidelines supporting their use

  • Insurance coverage policies

  • Sample test reports

  • Labs offering PGx testing

  • Various patient materials

Our online course, Pharmacogenomics in Practice, offers an in depth explanation of the resources. Students have a chance to have an interactive learning experience where they are free to ask questions and discuss resources.