At Precision Medicine Advisors, we serve healthcare and supporting industries by providing educational programs to advance the development and uptake of precision medicine.

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When used appropriately, genetic tests can save lives and healthcare dollars

Yet, despite a rapidly expanding genomic testing market, the rate of adoption of newer tests lags. The bottlenecks?

· Healthcare providers who are unaware of the latest genetic tests

· Healthcare organizations who are unconvinced of the value of testing

· Lack of Health IT integration into the clinical workflow

· Payers struggling to make informed reimbursement decisions

As a result, healthcare organizations are missing opportunities to improve the health of their patients with genetic testing, and are bearing the cost of unnecessary follow-up testing and expensive procedures when the wrong test is selected.

Providers who are trained on the appropriate selection and accurate interpretation of genetic tests are not only equipped to provide better care, they save their organizations— and their patients— time and money.

Who we help


Precision Medicine Advisors provides training for all members of healthcare and supporting industries who are working towards the development, implementation and ultimate use of genetic testing in medical practice.


Healthcare Provider Organizations

Giving the best care to patients and doing so in a safe, cost-effective manner can be achieved when your care providers know the value of genetic tests and how to use them in their practice.

We work with healthcare organizations to train their care providers to make informed choices about which tests to use, when to use them and when costly follow-up testing is really needed, saving healthcare organizations time and money.


Health IT and Genomic Tool Developers

Organizations developing tools and technologies for precision medicine can work more effectively to deliver breakthrough applications of genomics when all team members are literate in genomics and aligned in their understanding of the potential applications of their products.

We provide genomic on-boarding and continuing education for non-geneticist employees working on genomic health solutions.


Molecular Diagnostic Test Providers

Educating potential customers about the benefits and uses of genetic testing, and training existing customers to implement testing into practice requires a huge investment of time and resources.

Most diagnostic companies struggle to reach all of the providers who would benefit from their tests. We extend the bandwidth of test providers to reach and train their clients to get the most out of their genetic testing products.

How we help


We deliver our short courses online to accommodate learners who prefer more flexibility with on-demand learning. Topics range from basic genomics to clinical applications and more. Enterprise pricing make training across an organization affordable.

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These trainings offer the same content as the online courses, but in a live, in-person setting. They are ideal for customers who prefer interactive, hands-on learning with the added benefit of community-building and networking.

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We have used Precision Medicine Advisors to educate our national network of primary care doctors on the latest advances in genetic testing. The training helps our physicians gain the knowledge and skills to offer genetic testing to their patients.
— Andrea Klemes, DO, FACE // Chief Medical Officer at MDVIP

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