Family Health History


For many genetic diseases, a family history can be the first sign that a patient may be at risk. However, clinicians often find it difficult to find the time to do a thorough family history on every patient.

Learn how to engage your patients in collecting and managing their own family health history using free online tools.


Family History resource hub

The Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute's Family History Project provides tools to help families discover their potential health risks in their family health history.

Free online family history collection tool

My Family Health Portrait is a free online program from the U.S. Surgeon General that allows patients to collect family history electronically, create pedigree drawings, and share with their physician.

Pamphlet for patients

'A Guide to Family Health History'. Pamphlet to give to patients to help guide them through collection of their family health history (from Geisinger).

Paper Form for gathering family history information

Geisinger's Family History Record, a form for patients to collect and record family health information.