How to find Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors play a key role in pre-test counseling of patients and gathering informed consent, as well as interpretation and delivery of results. They can also help determine if your patient is a candidate for testing, and in selecting an appropriate test.

There are ~3000 genetic counselors in the US. To find a GC near you, search the following sites.

NSGC (National Society of Genetic Counselors)

Concert Genetics manually curates information about genetic testing labs and their products. Concert’s genetic test finder allows clinicians to search a comprehensive catalog of all genetic tests on the market, comparing across key test details, like which genes are on a panel, to determine which test makes the most sense for each patient.

ABGC (American Board of Genetic Counseling)

The ABGC Find a Certified Genetic Counselor directory has been developed to assist health care professionals, patients, the public and other genetic counselors in locating genetic counseling services.

Genome Medical

Specialty medical practice dedicated solely to genomic medicine. Telehealth genetic counseling available in 50 states. Physician services in most states too.

Grey Genetics

A network of genetic counselors you can book with online. Browse genetic counselor profiles and book an appointment with the genetic counselor specialized in your area of concern and with the availability you want.

Informed Consent for Genetic Testing

Prior to undergoing genetic testing, patients should give written informed consent, confirming that they understand the benefits, risks and limitations of genetic testing. You can find informed consent forms from most diagnostic companies on their website.


Consent forms from major testing labs